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Boundaries, Consent and Power

Tribe, Inclusivity and Sustainable Living

Have support on integrating the T&P Festival and be part of a community that thrives

We start on October 15th

Earlybird Stepping Stones








STEPPING STONES: A course to embody the change you want to live

After the summer festival you might feel tender and removed. New paths inside of you have open. In this course you will receive support to ground this change, release what doesn’t serve you anymore and build a real life that thrives.

We are social beings. Allow yourself to have support and be surrounded with inspirational beings.

We will provide some practical strategies and spiritual guidance to reclaim your wisdom and create an aligned lifestyle. Doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s time to rise. You have been preparing for this. Let’s build paradise together.

Module 1: THE SEED

  • Devotional living.
  • Get crystal clear with your vision and connect to your core desires.

Module 2: THE SOIL

  • Clear the blocks that are keeping you small.
  • Allow fears come to the surface.
  • Alignment with your past and ancesters.

Module 3: THE ACTION

  • Manage your energy and routines.
  • Team up with the abundance and the ressources that are available for you.
  • Follow your biorhythms.
  • Get thinks done.

Module 4: THE RITUAL

  • Commitment and sacred service.
  • Stay tuned.


4 group calls with Embodied theoretical Content.

Replay links.

Inspiring material to download.

Direct access to mail.

Possibility to have a “Support buddy”.


6 one on one Coaching Sessions.

4 group calls with embodied theoretical Content.

Replay links.

Inspiring material to download.

Direct access to mail.

Possibility to have a “Support buddy”.

About your host Queralt Jorba (Lina)

Psychologist · Systemic Coach · Dance Movement Psychotherapist · Dancer

Know more about me and my work at or


I work as a life coach for brave humans, artists and organizations that want to make a greater impact on the world.


My psychology lives in the body and connects to the spiritual wisdom. My dance emphasis the experience more than the form and the awareness as a starting point for the change.

I have been involved in T&P since 2011. I collaborate in other public and private organizations sharing my knowledge from a somatic perspective. I’m the mother of two lovely kids and we live with my beloved near Barcelona where we are co-funding an intentional community.


My intention is to find ourselves with presence and practicality in what we do and accompanying you to share your unique gifts in the community.


“The doing emanates form being. The being expresses itself through the doing.”

What else would you like to know?
  • When does it start?

It starts in October 2018. We will have one group session in October, two in November, and one in December.

In case you have personal sessions we will have one on one session every month (flexible for every case).

  • How long does it go for?

Until December if you have the Basic pack. Until March if you have the Integral pack which includes personal sessions every month.

  • How much time will it take?

Every module can take you from 1-5 hours. It very much depends on you, your own rhythms and interests.

  • How is the course delivered?

You will receive the material through the email.

You will have access to the library page to be able to download all the resources and the calls.

We will have zoom calls. All the calls will be recorded in case you can not make it live. You will have access to the replay.

  • Is there a guarantee?

If at the first call you think is not a fit for you, you get half of your money back.

Have questions? Email me at