You’ve found the home of The Touch&Play Project. We hope you enjoy your visit, learn something along the way and consider taking the exciting step to join one of our global events to explore your Relational Body. Who knows you might just come out feeling a little freer, more authentic and part of a beautiful growing community of humans on a similar path.

Core Values & Practices

CI, Somatics and Dance

Nature, Sexuality and Spirituality

Boundaries, Consent and Power

Tribe, Inclusivity and Sustainable Living


Travelling With Horses Through Nature

7-13 AUGUST 2022 (Romania) 

Reclaiming Body and Tribe

1-6 AUGUST 2021 (Earthspirit Centre, UK) 


Mini T&P Community Gathering: 27 – 30 May at the Nature Community in Germany (https://buytickets.at/touchandplaygermany/521915)

T&P UK – RECLAIMING BODY AND TRIBE: 1-6 August – Registrations close July 27th at midnight: www.uk.touchandplay.org

T&P Germany – COMING CLOSER: 28 Aug – 4 Sept – Registrations at www.germany.touchandplay.org

T&P Earthdance – BODY TAPESTRIES Weaving Community Resilience: 21 -26 Sept – Registrations at www.earthdance.touchandplay.org

T&P Barcelona – QUEERING CONTACT: 8-12 Sept – Registrations at www.vidalia.touchandplay.org

T&P Portugal – Title to be announced: Autumn 2021 (Dates available shortly)

T&P Montreal 2022 Winter: Cancelled, due to COVID.

The Work&Play Gathering

(no dates yet)


A 4-day gathering focused around working together to develop the greater vision of Touch&Play, support it’s growth and capacity, and steward the community ecosystem.

A gathering of community members and current and aspiring organizers and those who feel especially motivated to strengthen and grow our community and further develop the project and world-wide movement.

Past Events


Germany family gathering september 2020

Bali 2020

Quebec Winter edition 2020

Touch&Play Asheville Grassroots September 2019

Touch&Play Barcelona 2019 Politics of Pleasure

Touch&Play Germany Digging Deeper 2019

Touch&Play Montreal July 2019 Own your desires

Work&Play USA July 2019

Touch&Play Earthdance Be… Longing 2020

Touch&Play Asheville Emerging Seeds April 2019

Touch&Play Montréal Winter Edition 14-17 february 2019

Touch&Play Berlin 2018

Touch&Play Montréal 2018

Touch&Play Earthdance 2018

North Carolina April 2018 Touch&Play

Earthdance 2017 Touch&Play: Unveiling

Nowhere 2017

Earthdance 2016 Touch&Play: Embodying an intimate language

Nowhere 2016

Nowhere 2015

Small Awakenings 2014

Nowhere 2014

Bread&Jam 2013

Nowhere 2013

Budafield 2012

Burning Man 2012

Cardona, Catalunya september 2011

Budafield 2011

Cardona, Catalunya june 2011

First T&P ever Berlin 2010

Sister Projects


Discover what a Liquid Love Experience is! Visit our sister site for details.




The Cosmic Episode with Daniel Hayes is available since february 7th, 2019

THE COSMIC EPISODE with Daniel is available on all podcast apps since Thursday, as well as on Spotify here.

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The Touch&Play Project has been creating safer and more inclusive spaces to explore our relational bodies since 2010. Grown from a search for, first the chemistry, and later, the edges of Contact Improvisation our work integrates varies dance and movement practices as well as conscious sexuality, consent work, power, sensation role and rope play and many other disciplines. Our work experiments with the deeply playful art of relating to our selves and others by creating conscious connections through our minds and bodies by listening to what’s alive between us at any given moment.