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Experience your unfiltered self and cultivate authentic relationships



Touch&Play retreats offer a thoughtfully crafted and inclusive space for you to explore the freedom of embracing your true self.

We create experiences in which you can connect with your authenticity through your body, emotions, and sensations.

And always alongside a community of people who want to grow and relate from their truth.

Being who they are.

Letting go of fears and softening their armour.

Each retreat is different, yet they all share the same essence: to provide a space for each person who participates to live more in harmony with themselves and cultivate embodied relationships that come from the heart.

“We come with the full intention and fair commitment to leave our connections more beautiful than we found them.”

We live in a society where authenticity is often lacking.

It’s challenging to show ourselves as we are, with our vulnerability, our desire for more, our quest for deep experiences…

So many times, for fear of taking risks, we are left with questions:

What would happen if I show myself as I am?

What would happen if I allow myself to feel what I feel, whether it’s vulnerability, fear, desire…?

What if I try to discover what this conflict with that person is telling me, instead of avoiding it?

Who has set my limits: was it me… or my environment?

What am I missing out on exploring in this life?

What might I find on the other side of that exploration?

Touch&Play is a place to free yourself from all these doubts.


Because to reaffirm what you want and to truly be who you are, you get to open up.

Open up to your inner self and to other people who want to relate from the heart.

And for that, the answer lies in the body.


At Touch&Play, you can explore your limits freely, in a safer space.

Because in the exploration of “maybes”,  you may find your growth. Your expansion. And many opportunities you don’t even seen today.

If you feel you want to connect with the life inside you,

If you want to explore and discover what else is in you and in others,

And if you want to connect with people who seek the same freedom and authenticity…

Then we would love to welcome you to the next Touch&Play retreat. We await you!



Upcoming Experiential Retreats



20-28 February 2024


15-20 March 2024


28 May - 2 June 2024


13 - 16 June 2024


3 - 9 September 2024

Touch&Play brings together over 15 years of experience in creating safer spaces for taking risks, discovering oneself, and expanding.

Our experiential retreats are open to new people (like you, perhaps?) who want to step out of their familiar zone to grow and expand.

We believe that authentic relationships are sources of growth, support, and inspiration.

And we want to dispel myths about sexuality by normalising it in its broadest spectrum, respecting the desires and boundaries of each person as something beautiful and unique.

“Touch&Play turned out to be the sweetest bunch of folks ever! People were welcoming, fun, playful and respectful, from the organizers right on down. The teaching teams had great things to offer, and a wide variety of things, so i think everyone found topics of interest. I’ll be back!“

Betty Martin

Developer of The Wheel of Consent

“This is a place to come and dive into energy work, consent and somatics. You will safely explore your own edges and how you love yourself and the world. T&P will have an impact in your life.”


Urban Bliss Shaman

Through Touch&Play retreats, I’ve been able to heal long embedded traumas.


“Touch&Play has been a turning point in my life. I felt that finally the Ana that lives in myself exploted fully and in complet freedom. This is priceless. Thanks for creating spaces to explore ourselves in relationship to others.”


Dancer & Photographer

I live and teach on the path of tantra. Although Touch&Play is not specific about this teachings, it has provided me with new perspectives and more grounded and practical resources that has elevated my understanding of tantra.

Diana Origel

Yoga teacher, Monterrey University

“A unique experience!


Detox emocional


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