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Connect with your authenticity through your body, emotions, and sensations.


Upcoming Experiential Retreats



9-14 February 2024


20-25 February 2024

Integration days: 25-28 February


15-20 March 2024


28 May - 2 June 2024

We offer carefully curated and inclusive spaces where you can enjoy the freedom to be who you truly are.

Alongside a community of people who want to grow and relate from their truth.

Being who they are. Letting go of fears and softening their armour.

Each retreat is different, yet they all share the same essence: to provide a space for each person who participates to live more in harmony with themselves and cultivate embodied relationships that come from the heart.

Touch&Play is for people who want to:



  • They want to expand their knowledge and erotic practices, with a focus on the presence of the heart.
  • They care deeply about feeling validated and respected in their body and desires.
  • They are eager to embark on a journey of personal growth through bodily experiences, as they perceive that it offers a different dimension of growth when compared to traditional therapy or formal training. 
  • They feel or want to feel sovereign over their body.
  • They seek to integrate heart, mind, and instinct as if they were moving in a harmonious dance.


        • They want meaningful relationships, not superficial ones.
        • They are open to surrounding themselves with people who inspire freedom and security.
        • They seek authentic relationships, whether friendship or partnership. A community where they can identify, where they can feel a part of something.
        • They want to meet people with whom they can express all their nuances without filters.
        • They seek healthier and more sincere relationships, where they get to fully embody their desires.


        • They seek a healing and safe space to explore their own path, get to know themselves, and delve into their emotions, desires, and challenges.
        • They want to expand their lives, break out of the routine.
        • They feel there is something more, that living more authentically is possible, and aren’t yet sure where to start.
        • They seek deep personal growth experiences that surprise and captivate them.
        • They want to grow from a place of fulfilment, from the joy of experimentation and the thrill of challenges.
        • They are open to recognizing and integrating parts of themselves that have lived on the sidelines, ashamed or suppressed by many “shoulds” and “have to’s”.
        • They want to live more aligned and integrated with themselves.


          • They seek a space where they can feel free to be themselves and experience themselves on all levels.
          • They are open to welcoming all other people, no matter who they are or where they are in their lives.
          • They want the peace of mind to live their experimentation in a nurturing and caring space, with people who share similar aspirations and want to relate from the heart and authenticity.

          Touch&Play brings together over 15 years of experience in creating safer spaces for taking risks, discovering oneself, and expanding.


          They are a close-knit team demonstrating extensive professionalism in the work they offer.

          Touch&Play has taken my growth to another level that I hadn’t reached with everything I had done up to now.

          T&P encourages you to confront your own fears. I’ve been able to rediscover parts of myself that I had buried out of shame and guilt.

          Now I can share myself completely in my relationships. People need T&P.

          T&P is a great project. The founders are genuine and professional. It has been a transcendental experience. Pure essence. 

          A transformative experience.  Touch&Play combines the art and the technology to open the heart. 

          Very different from what you come across elsewhere. 

          T&P has taken my relationships to another level. T&P is about intimacy, about seeing myself and from there, connecting with others.

          T&P is a space that emanates truth. Authenticity.

          Remarkable experience. It’s difficult to explain it in words because it’s a holistic experience that goes far beyond reason.

          We are aware that Touch&Play is different from what you’ve seen so far, and that’s why you may have questions.

          Will I have to participate in activities I don't want to?

          No, there won’t be anything you HAVE to do. You can come to dance, free yourself, build connections… just as you can come to experience intense and new sensations and explore how far you want to stretch your boundaries to discover yourself.

          Each event will have different workshops, and you can participate in the ones you choose. What is important is that you come with an open attitude of inquiry and discovery.

          The only session are mandatory for all participants are the welcoming cercle and the consent workshop. And still in those sessions you won’t have to engage in activities you don’t want to.

          What if I or someone else crossed my boundaries?

          It’s possible that at some point, this happens, and it’s important to know that you will be in a space where you can share and get support with whatever is happening. .

          If the process is an internal and intra-personal one our Soothe & Care Team will support you by holding space for any emotions and judgements that might be present

          If the boundary crossing involved another person (or persons) a representative from our Peace Council will support you in addressing the issue with the other parties involved through an empowering and reparative process lens and structure.

          Is Touch&Play a therapeutic space?

          No. Touchandplay is a transformative space, often with therapeutic qualities, but  it’s important to clarify that it is not therapy or it is not a substitute for professional therapy.

          To attend Touch&Play, it’s essential that you can self-regulate physically and emotionally.

          Touch&Play is an experience of inquiry, liberation, and self-discovery for people who want to grow within a community of like-minded individuals, while improving their relationships.

          I'm intrigued by the concept and fear exposing myself. How can I address this at Touch&Play?

           If you sense that there’s more to explore but are apprehensive about venturing into the unknown, you’re not alone. Many individuals feel similarly during their initial Touch&Play experience. Fear of exposure is natural because it involves stepping beyond your comfort zone, relinquishing control, and embracing new possibilities. The first workshop at each retreat focuses on emotions, providing an opportunity for everyone to navigate these feelings collectively throughout the experience

          Can I attend with my partner?

          Absolutely, you’re welcome to attend with your partner or partners and share this transformational experience. Coming with a significant other or others increases the challenges you may face and the rewards you may reap. Our retreats have a way of highlighting relational patterns and potentially evoking jealousy and codependency. Navigating these relational dynamics successfully will also elevate your connection, trust and love for the other(s).

          Is Touch&Play a swingers or partner-swapping event?

          No. If you are looking for easy hook-ups and sex Touch&Play is probably not the right space for you. Our focus is on authentic and embodied relating . While we don’t exclude sexuality from the experience, we believe in embracing the full spectrum of life’s authentic expressions and using them to foster connections with oneself, others, and spirit.

          I have a sense that by revealing my desires and sharing my fears, I'll feel vulnerable. Is this normal?

           Absolutely, exploring your desires is a vulnerable process because there’s uncertainty about whether you can fulfil them, how they’ll affect others, how they’ll fit into societal norms, and how they’ll be judged. Touch&Play provides a safer space where you can uncover your desires, always within a strong framework of consent, as you explore together with others, connecting through body, emotions, and sensations.

           If you have more question you can visit Here, we answer the most common ones.

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